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#43745 by sfhub
Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:29 pm
I think for new users it would be nice to have the ability to temporarily turn off their Free Premiere trial so they can see what the service looks like without Premiere and prior to their return period expiring with a retailer which is usually around 30 days, whereas the free Premiere period is anywhere from 60days to 6 months and they may get a surprise in 60 days when a feature they thought was included in the base service is not.

Alternatively, allow the user to enable their free Premier period sometime after initial activation rather than automatically enabling it so they can compare the differences more directly. Sometimes reading about it doesn't click as well as seeing how the features work laid out in the configuration UI.

Doesn't have to be implemented as above. The main goal is to allow someone to preview what the base service looks like within the return period of their retailer.

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