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#2361 by scoutconnor
Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:59 pm
As an avid user of Gizmo5( I recently found out that I can call some numbers for free using "Backdoor" dialing. I tried using their website to see if I could call myself using my computer for free and I saw that one of my numbers, 845-746-xxxx could be called for free while my main number, 845-255-xxxx could not even though they both go to the same hub. Why is this the case when both are routed over VOIP and both numbers are ooma numbers? I'd love to be able to call my main number because I'm giving up my "746" number on Thursday.

I called customer support and, after staying on hold for 15 minutes (which I don't overly mind) for the first time since I bought the device, the CSR not only had no idea what I was talking about (even after I gave him the website: ) but he had a "yea whatever, I'm not sure so just go away" attitude and was not willing to help me with the issue.
#2407 by Bobby B
Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:51 am
Hi scoutconner,

I had a look at the two numbers, and the main difference between the two is the way they are registered to various telecom carriers on the Voice over IP network. It looks like Gizmo5 has a backdoor relationship with one of our telecom partners that enables them to use the backdoor client to reach the ooma network.

I'll take your request to enable free calling to all ooma numbers via Gizmo5 to the product team. To accomplish this, we'd need to establish a peering relationship with Gizmo5 directly.

#2461 by timb
Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:04 pm
Just my 2 cents but peering relationships with as many VOIP carriers and VOIP-connected PSTN carriers as possible would help keep ooma's costs down and help keep ooma calling free. Lots of people have expressed doubts about ooma's ability to be there for us over the long haul with a business plan that involves giving away PSTN call termination that is an ongoing cost for them. Such peering relationships that cut out most or all of this cost for enough calls could turn out to be ooma's "secret weapon" that makes their business model work.

I've played around a bit with SipPhone/Gizmo Backdoor Dialing and found that it even worked with my Cox Cable home number (that is being ported to ooma as we speak) as well as lots of cell carriers and other alternative landline carriers not just VOIP carriers as you might think.

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