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Post by amoney » Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:31 pm

Alright lots of people seem to be upset about the FCC fee mind you its a small yearly charge.

From my view point I think Ooma should go on the offensive and advertise its premier service package at 9.99 a month (119/year) rate against Vonage. Its cheap and thats what people want.

I think Ooma is setting themselves up as a company that is trying to decive the consumer, people hear FREE* then hear that there is fine print. Thats raises suspicion ontop of already a "new" company. Ooma sure isnt making the sell any easier.

I was particular perturbed trying to extract the new rates on Ooma webpage as they seemingly hide the rates. Buried deep, at the very least it should be listed on the second page but on Ooma you have to navigate deep before you can find the fine print.

I think just being up front and showing you have by far the cheapest rates in town Ooma will hit a home run and increase its consumer base which if its buisness model is calculated correctly will succeed.

Particularly of note, it will set off a strong word of mouth firestorm smoking the other competition VOIP rates (from Vonage, Comcast, ATT), Ooma rates are a fraction in comparison.

Why does Ooma not want to lead with that, I dont understand.

A huge failure that I see on the part of Ooma is not planning a advertisement campaign going back to back with Vonage.
Comcast > Telo > WRT54G

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