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#39296 by allo
Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:43 pm
hmurchison wrote:
allo wrote:

Dawn how do we enable the 100 international credit and 6 months of premier service. I haven't seen anything on Costco's page or here detailing how to start this up. If you or anyone can shed some light please accept my thanks in advance.

After you activate, go to "My Ooma" and it should be listed in your personal account, automatically!

It's there! Mucho appreciated. I'm gonna call my sis in Germany and burn some funds.

If you are going to call Europe often... there is an International Bundle for $4.99 for 500 minutes a month (8 H and 20').

You may be allowed to use that $100 to sign up for it, which will give you 20 full months of overseas talking!
Beware though : if you call landlines # it is cheap: $0.02-.03; but $.30+ for Cell phones!

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