Ooma Advertising

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Ooma Advertising

Post by byersthja » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:10 pm

I was in my car today listening to WFAN sportsradio New York and heard an Ooma ad. I don't listen to very much local radio, so perhaps they have been advertising on "the Fan" for awhile, but it was nice to hear. It wasn't a recorded ad. The host read the copy, which they do a lot on that station. I know WFAN used to be the #1 revenue producing radio station in the country. I assume they still are. It's a clear channel and they have a huge and loyal listening audience. It's not cheap to advertise on WFAN, so I really took this as a good sign for Ooma.

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Re: Ooma Advertising

Post by oldanbo » Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:19 pm

Forgive me for going a little negative here. I think some of ooma's advertising revenue would be better spent on product support (move it stateside) and product improvement.

I know there are people in ooma that are busting their a**es to make things work and work better. I just have a sense that as usual, the name of the game is to do more with less.

That's where packetfire has it right. Focus needs to be changed. Word of mouth was worth more than radio ads for my son's business.


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