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Post by jaysto7017 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:10 pm

OOMA - Why don't you give a CR@P about your current customers!!!??? I call and your "customer service" reps argue with me instead of trying to help me! I ordered Premier with the understanding that I would receive a FREE Telo handset. YES, I know it won't work with my current hub...YOU THINK I AM THAT STUPID??? (that's the argument I received) You are still "out of stock", one and a half months later???? (That’s the excuses I got) The AD read "sign up for premier and you get a free porting or a handset." It said NOTHING else! I signed up and nothing from OOMA for several weeks. GREAT customer service!! How about an automated email to at LEAST confirm my order!!!????? How about you focus on SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE? THAT IS MY SUGGESTION!

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Re: Here's a Suggestion...GIVE A CR@P ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS!

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In October I ordered the free Telo Handset when ordering the Telo from OOMA, knowing that it wasn't available yet.
Many weeks later (when Handsets had been shipping) I called to ask about the handset.

OOMA had no record of it having been ordered.

It took hours with clueless reps to sort this out - and I'm afraid they may have charged me for it anyway. (I've never received an invoice from OOMA by e-mail or otherwise - even after having requested one several times.

After many unpleasant and lengthy exchanges, I finally received it last week. (First week of December.)

Of course it's absolutely useless as so far the Telo still only supports one handset.

(In the middle of fighting with OOMA over this, sent one instantly - zero hassle.)

Unfortunately I have found OOMA's customer service to be abysmal and this alone would make it impossible for me to recommend it to anyone.

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