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#37247 by abe
Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:27 pm
hey guys
I need some help, I'm connecting my ooma hub to internet by homeplug(slinglink), and my setup is as following:
Modem-Router-Homeplug and Homeplug-Ooma hub. This way I'm getting signal for all my homeplugs in my home(total of 3 slinglinks) but the quality of voice is not that great for my ooma system.

Ooma knowledge base says the best way for connecting homeplug for ooma is:
Modem-Homeplug and Homeplug-Oomahub-Router. When I do this setup quality of voice goes up but I can't get internet signal for other two homeplugs which my computer and slingbox are connected to.
If anybody knows what is the problem here and how we can solve it, please let me know .
I realy apperciate any help.
#37259 by tommies
Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:28 pm
How about keeping ever thing like you have it before and connect ooma hub directly to the router--not through homeplug like you have it now, i.e. your ooma hub is behind the router. This case your router handles the QoS.

If you want to put the hub in front of the router, it should like
modem > ooma hub > router > homeplug + homeplug + pc's + etc.
This case, the ooma hub handles the Qos.
#37353 by abe
Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:20 am
Hi tommies
thanks for reply. my problem is that I don't have phone jack in the room which I have my modem and this is the only reason that I'm using homeplug for ooma, and because of this I can't use your second suggestion. For first suggestion as I posted before I'm already doing that But the quality of voice is not that good . In this case ooma knowledge base suggests to use
Modem-Homeplug and Homeplug-Oomahub-router which is good for voicequality but disables my other 2 homeplugs.Look at following link: Thanks again.

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