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#1950 by highlevelweb
Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:06 pm
Its one thing to own a product but its anothr to know you now have direct access to voice your opinion. I told them my issues with the srevice and they agreed. I was impressed. The guy said Im sorry we are a victim of our own sucess. Thats great but they did say that they year before. I now know that this company only emplyoees about 45 total people so it should not be too hard to be polite. I own my own business and stress customer support. I dont expect them to be a nice as myself but I have to agree with the post above that says they answer the phone in a weird manner but when I did reach someone good..dude named Tino he was nice and even made jokes and I felt good about buying premier becuase he was nice. Just try a little bit is the customer service area and this company would take off. Let me also say WTF were those black POS phones you guys were using at your CES booth. You are lucky that you have smart people becuase your booth looked very underfunded.

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