Hub or Telo

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Re: Hub or Telo

Post by Bill D » Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:45 pm

mianesva wrote:I have 2 numbers and do have the bad upload quality when using scout.... so looking into doing some changes... Not sure if the issue is worse if someone in the house is using the main line when I am using scout line....
The scout outgoing voice quality is always bad - main line use doesn't matter.

I stopped using the Scout due to bad voice quality and I bought another Hub for line 2. Works great with no premier on either line. My two-line Uniden phone system (TRU8866) allows conferencing the two lines together when I need conferencing (rarely) and the voice mail indicator lights on my 10 Uniden handsets also work from the Hubs (they didn't work from the buggy scout).

Bill D

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