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#32974 by TeeTee1
Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:15 pm
So I have had my Ooma service for some time now but my number use to belong to someone else and as a result when I call someone with caller id, it shows up with the former user's name. I contacted Ooma customer service 3 months after having my new number (which was not ported - it was a brand new number I selected), and they told me that it takes a while for other carriers to update their database.

Fine. I waited. So it's almost a year later - and apparently no carrier has updated their database. So I contact customer service AGAIN, and explaining the problem in detail, do you know what they told me? They said that I should have my friend or business associate call THEIR service provider to say these exact words "When my friend calls me from xxx-xxx-xxxx (your phone number) I get this on my caller id (whatever they get) but when he calls other people, it shows up correctly"

Are they INSANE? So I am supposed to call my business associates and friends and tell them to call their service provider and complain?
Of course I wrote back explaining this - and again another lame excuse -

And I quote " The Number that you have used to belong to another person, When we gave it to you, we updated the National services. When you call people Their phone company appends the data from their internal database, If they have old data, then, they will put that information up. If you have 75 friends with AT&T, only one of them has to complain to AT&T and AT&T will update their information from the national services.
Honestly sir, this is how the system has always worked. Some phone carriers have decided to cut costs, by not updating their data. Because they assume that none of their customers will complain. We have tried registering complaints, and it does no good. I am just trying to tell you what we have found to be the only way to resolve this issue. "

I have now polled several people with caller ids - and on Vonage, AT&T and Comcast - all have the incorrect information. So I am supposed to inconvenience MY friends and associates to place a call on MY behalf for a situation that is clearly Ooma's problem?

I am completely dissatisfied with this outcome as it seems it is easier to change MY NAME than to change the caller id. I wish I had the CEO's number or e-mail.

Anyone have any sane suggestions that make sense?
#32994 by southsound
Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:11 pm
You are going to find that cross posting the identical information in several areas is not very beneficial to your cause. Most of the people here who have the greatest knowledge and post lots of responses use the View Active Topics navigation to move from post to post. When they see the identical post more than once, if they are like me, they go into ignor mode. Posting once will usually get you a great response. Posting the same rant more than once, not so much.

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