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#31367 by crazyarmenian
Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:48 pm
I am trying to decide which of the two units to keep. I bought the hub and scout and telo at costco online. I can return either one. Here are my questions.
Ooma appears to have made recent changes to their basic systems because of customer feedback...

1. It appears that the hub offers free voice mail, caller ID (including name) and free customer support (even without the $99 premier fee) as well as no annual fee.

2. It now appears that the telo offers voice mail (after removing it initially), caller ID (phone number only) and free customer support (by phone) only within the first 60 days (requires the premier subscription after that).

Is this a fair summary?

Also I am going to try to hook it to my home alarm (currently monitored through the phone company). Any ideas on which unit I might have a better chance of success with? Is the telo a better unit or just better looking? :)

Thanks, Glenn
#31370 by southsound
Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:03 pm
Both the hub/scout and the Telo are wonderful devices - but the few differences in TOS should not really influence your decision as much as the other issues. With the Telo you have a platform that will be able to use new features (bluetooth and others) that will not work on the hub/scout. The hub/scout is a mature platform that works great but is hardware limited and cannot do some of the new things that will be available on the Telo. The Telo has a faster processor, uses Freeswitch instead of Asterisk, and has built-in DECT 6 base capabilities. The new Telo handsets will not work with the hub/scout.

But both systems offer wired access for existing cordless or corded phones. On the Telo, this wired access is available only for line 1. If you have Premier (and either their instant second line or a second number) you can have multiple calls only if you make one of them from a Telo handset. With the hub/scout you can have access to two wired lines. Line 1 on the hub, line 2 on the scout. If you want to use a fax machine on a separate line and wired phones on the other, the hub/scout is for you. It is also great to heat up all the jacks in your house with two lines. Either system will work fine with most alarm systems with the correct connection and possibly adding a code to the dialout sequence of the alarm.

As you can see, the choice is really a factor of what you feel your needs will be and how interested you are in future features. Many of the new features will be available only to Premier users so the change in TOS is really a non-issue. I have both the Telo and the hub/scout - and I love both. Feel free to respond with additional needs or questions and we'll try to answer them here. Most of us don't work for ooma (those who do are identified with an ooma moderator title) but love the product and helping other users.
#31394 by crazyarmenian
Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:51 pm
Thank you so much! Could you also comment on items 1 and 2 in my first post? And, have you heard about the $349 lifetime premier option? Is that wise? Thanks again Glenn
#31401 by MikeekiM
Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:27 pm
crazyarmenian wrote:Thank you so much! Could you also comment on items 1 and 2 in my first post? And, have you heard about the $349 lifetime premier option? Is that wise? Thanks again Glenn

I don't know how "wise" it is... but I did it... :D

Depends on what you need... If all you need is an inexpensive phone line, with no desire for any frills, then you can't beat the free service...

I know myself... I like toying around with the extras...and when new features come out, they are really only going to be coming out to the premier customers for the most part... I know I will be jealous when a new feature becomes available that I can't play around with... Not only that, but I do like (but don't necessarily need) the premier features...

- I like having 2 lines instead of 1
- I like being able to screen my calls like a regular answering machine
- I like getting a call for my wife, and instead of taking a note, sending them directly into voicemail
- I like being able to hit "do not disturb" at night and have them sent right into voicemail
- I like the ability to enable multi ring to my cell phone when I am away from the house and expecting a call

So if you are like me...the premier is worth it... It's still a cost that is EASILY recoverable with the savings I am getting from what I used to pay on my landline... And it is a one time fee... I paid it...and now I have pretty much forgotten about it and am enjoying the little extras...

Let me know if you have any questions...

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