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#29718 by Groundhound
Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:08 pm
tsober wrote:Im new to voip and just heard of ooma. Which one should I buy the ooma hub or ooma telo

You will likely get a better response if you do a bit of reading on the site and the forum and ask more specific questions. You, after all, are the expert when it comes to what you want from your phone service.
#29753 by just4fn
Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:03 am
Having both the Telo and the hub right now, the choice is yours. The Telo is still growing but the hub is all grown up. I don't think the hub is going to get too many new updates- my opinion, but the telo is just starting. Right now If the Telo is paired with a Handset (when it is available) it is pretty much equal to the hub. I just see a lot more capabilities with the Telo around the corner with new updates. The hardware in the hub has become obsolete due to manufacturing the parts, therefore they will discontinue it. If I was at the store and both were there, I would probably pick the Telo. Knowing what I know, I would also be patient with it and look forward to all the new updates that are planned. It's kind of fun to see if any new features have been added at no expense to you.
#30058 by esp
Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:03 am
I've been reading every site and all the information I can possibly read on the systems. I need the added 2nd phone number the scout provides, but have read from posts on here the Telo replaces the scout. My question is: Does the Telo handset have a secondary number associated with it, or be used for a secondary number? Need the functionality of a private line, but also would be great to have sms features the Telo provides. Appreciate the help

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