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#25321 by Mattallica
Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:27 pm
It's great to think about all the bells and whistles that ooma could add but I would be much happier with the service if just the current list of features worked as expected.

1. Adding a folder while in the Inbox. I've been attempting this ever since I got ooma and it always "does nothing" after clicking the Create button.

2. Using multi-ring works until you want to disable it. By removing the check mark the calls are still sent to the other number. By removing the check mark and the phone number produces an error, "number must be entered".

3. Login problems seem to occur daily. First my password was rejected as not being valid. Now I sign in and after a click or two I'm returned to the login screen.

3. I could go on but I really don't care about the other stuff.

This software should be labeled as BETA and no one pays for premier until user acceptance testing is complete. Who's writting this code anyway? High school students? By the way, the lan service appears good (up time) as does the audio quality. So no beefs there.
#25341 by southsound
Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:05 pm
Mattallica wrote: Who's writting this code anyway? High school students?

According to my trusted sources (Dilbert) most modern software code is written in Elbonia. They have lots of people who know all about 1's and 0's and some even know hot to use a computer. :P


And the reason some people are unable to sign into My.Ooma. com:


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