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#25279 by prwissen
Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:47 pm
Thanks Oooma for a great product. It's pretty cool. I really mean that. Thanks for the temporary number so I could try it out, thanks for the call quality, and thanks for the initial support call in answering my questions. Thanks for helping me with the initial Number porting and for answering my initial porting questions. Great service to that point...

But. Now I'm facing 4 days without my primary phone service(you know, the only number that's truly important to me, the one I'm trying to get ported, the one that is currently disconnected, making it look like I'm delinquent in paying my phone bill). A call to Ooma support was less than helpful, from someone who seemed to be reading from a support script, and in my opinion didn't understand my request or my problem, and who had zero sympathy for my problem. "It's not our problem, it's Qwest". A call to Qwest revealed that my internet connection was happy, but my number had been released to Ooma. The 2nd Ooma support representative was very knowledgeable about how to help me get my temporary Ooma number up and working (it was already working), but also insisted that it wasn't their problem and that surely the number would be active on the estimated date of 10/14, maybe in the afternoon.

The Ooma support personnel in the Philippines apparently has no ability to contact the porting department, or to assist me in any way. I'm quite disappointed. The friend who talked me into Ooma had a great experience, and I was excited. The half a dozen friends I have passionately told about how cool Ooma is up to this point are patiently waiting to see how my experience goes. So far, it's not going well at all.

My 60 day trial for the Ooma premier service is meanwhile ticking away. Unfortunately the 60 day trial subscription ended before the number porting has taken place. I didn't really see the point in giving everyone my temporary number, so I haven't used it much.

You know who was very helpful was Qwest. The business manager I spoke with was very helpful and even provided me with his email address and direct phone number and an offer at any time to help me restore my phone service without any fees or hassle.
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#25295 by prwissen
Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:33 pm
Apparently Ooma support did care, because a few hours after my frustrating phone calls the porting has taken place. I'm now back up and running. The frustrating support process and lack of empathy on the part of the two Ooma support representatives I spoke with is something Ooma could improve upon, but apparently they do care about me after all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm back receiving phone calls on my primary number!!!

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