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#23585 by FRGG
Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:03 pm
Hello everyone:

I need some advice, as of today I'm on my 2nd week of beeing an ooma user and still learning how it works and as of today (same as you) received the email about "new terms and conditions".

The first thing I noticed is that my trial period of 180 days was bumped to 195 days (it supossed to be as of today 170 days left):


Service Level
Your service level is: Premier, Free Trial
Free trial ends in -195 days

Learn more or Subscribe

Wich on this case would make a "new customer"??; due the economy situation I been "forced" to cut down on a lot of expenses like:

1.- no more cell phone
2.- lower the level of quality of my internet speed
3.- lower the service from my cable tv to basic
4.- cancel my home alarm service
5.- cancel my existing home service...etc

And for that reason I decided to join "ooma" since that would solve at least my telephone service problem, but now I don't know about that anymore; on the other hand on the same email, I understand (or I'm stupid :? ) that I belong to the "Ooma core customers" and I should not get worry about the changes as long as I'm a core customer:

It's been a busy several months for us here at Ooma, but we wanted to stop and say "thank you" for being part of the Ooma family. Your support and guidance is what has made us successful so far, and we hope we can count on your help in the future too.

We are making some changes to our Terms and Conditions and to our pricing. For all our existing Ooma Core customers, these changes are limited. Here is what applies to you:

We've increased your minutes of residential, domestic calling to 5,000 minutes per month
We've reduced the monthly subscription price for Ooma Premier to $9.99 (from $12.99)
We've grandfathered existing Ooma Premier annual subscribers at the previous rate of $99.99. New annual subscriptions will be priced at $119.99
We've implemented billing for 411 (directory assistance) at $0.99 per call (800-GOOG-411 or 800-FREE-411 are free options). This charge will be deducted from your Ooma prepaid calling account
For new Ooma customers, here are highlights of our new Terms and Conditions:

5,000 total minutes per month of residential domestic calling
Ooma Premier monthly subscriptions are $9.99/month
Ooma Premier annual subscriptions are $119.99/year. This now includes either one free number port ($39.99 value) or a free Ooma Telo Handset ($49.99 value)
$11.75/year Regulatory Recovery Fee in Years 2 and beyond to cover taxes, regulatory fees and other costs
Voicemail is now bundled with Ooma Premier
60-days of free Ooma Care telephone support. Thereafter, non-Premier customers receive free email support and may purchase Ooma Care telephone support for $39.99/year
Just to be clear, as an existing Ooma Core customer, the annual Regulatory Recovery Fee mentioned above will not apply to you. You will also continue to receive voicemail and free unlimited Ooma Care telephone support without subscribing to Ooma Premier.

As you can see, we have improved the terms for you, our current customers. We have maintained our commitments to you while improving our residential service and reducing the monthly charge for Ooma Premier. We have made slight changes for new customers to reflect our latest business activities and to be more in-line with current market conditions. If you have any questions about the new terms and conditions or the new pricing, please comment on our blog or send us an email.

Thank you again for being an Ooma customer.

Until later,
Team Ooma

I'm not planing to go "Premier" so You guys that have more experience, please let me know what you think about my situation:

Thanks a lot: FRGG
#23587 by Aveamantium
Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:09 pm
FRGG read this

You'll lose Premier at the end of your trial, which means you'll lose these features (see your documentation that came with your unit). Other than that nothing will change for you. Enjoy the free service!
#23593 by FRGG
Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:25 pm
Aveamantium wrote:FRGG read this

You'll lose Premier at the end of your trial, which means you'll lose these features (see your documentation that came with your unit). Other than that nothing will change for you. Enjoy the free service!

Thanks a lot...I printed the info on the link (just in case ;) )
#23595 by WayneDsr
Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:25 pm
As Aveamantium states, nothing should change for you. Basic voicemail and free calling.
I know what you're going through in this economy, I'm doing the same thing.
Good luck and stay positive!

#23658 by scottlindner
Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:13 am
From what I have read about other VOIP providers, 5000min/month is the industry norm. I'm sure that is why they increased it from 3000min/month which was the old industry norm several years ago.

I think this is only alarming to first time VOIP users. If you are switching from another VOIP provider, why didn't you know about their limit, because they have it and it's most likely 5000min/month.

#24490 by bw1
Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:06 pm
osterizer wrote:
Dennis P wrote: If we have missed any place, let us know.

The video on the front page at

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