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#22220 by jw15851
Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:24 pm
Ooma combines the best of VoIP, and 'old school' functionality. I love the answering machine-esk hub that plays messages, and shows that you have a new message vs. having to deal with normal consumer voicemail systems.

The problem is, the light only blinks, indicating a new message, when answering machines would often indicate the number of messages. We often will let a call go to voice mail, but then, later on, we don't know if anyone else has called and left a message.

I suggest that (to avoid a redesign of the hub) the hub simply blinks the same number of times that there are messages. 1 message, one blink, pause, repeat. 3 messages, 3 blinks, pause, repeat.

Obviously this is only useful up to 10-15 messages and no one is going to bother counting the blinks, but it would be a simple way to add a very helpful function.

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