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#19641 by miller.mike.d
Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:15 pm
Well, I sure am glad I bought this setup through costco because I should be able to get my money back while this company tries to get on the ball. When following the setup process it asks if you want to port your number and I said yes. But oh no that has nothing to do with the actual process of porting the number. After giving the 3-4 weeks necessary I forgot to check on it so another 3 weeks passed before I called only to find out that the setup process was not the actual porting.
The tech agreed that the process made you feel like your number was going to be ported. He sent my complaint onto a tier II tech but I have yet to hear from them.
How hard would it be to set the porting process up inside the setup process when asked if you want to port your number. Hello, I thought all the founders of this system are from well established companies like apple and google. Or how about when you ask me if I want to port the number you give me a link to port the number and then send me to the correct section.
The only reason I still have ooma is becasue my wife thought we should give it another shot. So I called to day to follow up on both the porting request i submitted and to find out why someone has not called me back from tier II tech support. The reason for not getting a call back is because, this is classic which I asked if I could get it writing, that part of the dept does not have phones. How cool is that answer, a telecommunication company that does not have phones. I can understand not wanting to give the numbers out for anything pass the initial techs but come on NO Phones.

I asked for a corporate number so I will give it a try but if someone from ooma is reading these post I hope this company gets it act together otherwise you become just another company that will stay at being marginally good but never move onto becoming great.
#19676 by niknak
Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:35 pm
porting a number is not the same as setting up your system
porting your number means transferring it from your old company to ooma so that you keep your current phone number.

due to many variables, porting usually takes several weeks to accomplish. this is because there are a minimum of 3 and sometimes 4 separate companies that are involved in this process

the delays may not be due to ooma or their CLECs but rather to the CLEC losing the number
#19695 by miller.mike.d
Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:01 pm
Not to berate an issue but I know the difference between porting the number and setting up the system now but when ooma asks me if I would like to port my number during the setup it makes it seem like they are processing the porting request. I saw no mention of the porting process being a separate function during their request of wanting to know if I would like that done. Besides the tech I spoke to agreed that the process was misleading and he admonished that my call was not new.
As for the time it may take to port the number. How come cell companies can port a number in a very short time and comcast did it in like a week from Quest when I jumped on with their VOIP? This 3-4 week deal sounds like it is really slow.
My biggest beef is with the porting question in the setup, again I say it should automatically take me to the page that requests me to complete the porting process.
#19699 by niknak
Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:10 pm
...when following the setup process it asks if you want to port your number...

You mis-read the instructions - Integrating your number with ooma is not the same as porting it to a different telco.
porting costs extra (unless you sign up for premier services)

Federal law required wireless companies to process ports within 48 hrs. POTS was added afterwards and is not subject to the same rules

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