After reviewing Costco reviews...

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Re: After reviewing Costco reviews...

Post by oomg » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:49 am

atici wrote:
niknak wrote:after reading through the responses it seems that most of them were from people who did not really understand the fundamentals of telco wiring and voip operation
Even though this may be true, I think we need to concede that the customer service support has been poor. Those who seek answers in the forums find solution but obviously people are not that knowledgeable. I know almost noone else who reads/posts on product forums. Also the forums work well because of people who genuinely want to help others for free.

So why can't the product manual or customer service be good? Most of us would agree the top 10 problems with ooma. However people still can't find the answers to those issues.
It is fairly complete and relatively ease to read, if one takes the time to actually read it. To me, returning the unit due to alleged inability to connect to toll free numbers, or even inability to send or receive fax transmissions makes no sense as all.
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