$50 Int'l Calling Credit (Costco Purchase) = SNEAKY FRAUD!!

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Re: $50 Int'l Calling Credit (Costco Purchase) = SNEAKY FRAUD!!

Post by nathan » Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:01 pm

Here is what I think it boils down to:

Best Case Scenario (and the right thing to do): Ooma doesn't expire the credits and this issue is closed, we are all very happy and go on enthusiastically telling our friends and family about this great service. This adds to the customer base and we all benefit. If I ran this company this is what I would do in a heart beat.

Most Likely Scenario: The expiration date never gets put on, the credits will expire in 90 days and then you (if you are one of those who care to use the credit it seems there are a few here who are in different to the issue) have to call and get it extended for another 90 days and quote the new Costco ad so the clueless customer service agent has some idea what you are taking about. Our spirits are dampened by this experience but we tolerate it since it is still a very nice product even if management is clueless to do the small cost effective things to really reap the large positive benefits in further propelling the product.

@Bobby - Are you an ooma employee or just a very enthusiastic and committed customer? If it is the former, are you in a position to be able to bring this matter to a decision makers attention within ooma. I am sure you can see how outlandish this issue really is and how simple the fix. Thanks for any effort on your part.

This is truly a marketing fiasco for Ooma, I mean why even offer this deal, I for one would have bought the device even without the $50 credit albeit it did sweeten the purchase. I would have just continued being in different to the manner in which customer dissatisfaction is really handled within the company and things would have been just fine. But now there could be potential backlash of customer complaints not on the important stuff like voice quality etc. but on trivial stuff like marketing and false advertising. This is not a good problem for ooma and in my opinion the benefit of any recouped credit by making it a hassle for customers to remember to renew their credit doesn't out weight the negative publicity.

If you care about this issue (and like I said in my previous post you should wether or not it affects you personally) then please send ooma an email and let them know this is a matter of concern for you.
@dr150 - "The battle ain't over until all of or credits are used up from this deal...."
Ditto! I plan to fully use every last cent of the $50!