REQUEST: Lounge Users Status Page - Details Inside -not hard

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REQUEST: Lounge Users Status Page - Details Inside -not hard

Post by Chris27 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:09 pm

(First Post) Maybe it is the tech geek and WedDev in me, but I feel it would be very useful if the lounge has a very nice detailed status page of the user account. This could be displayed right on the side of the opening page, or under it. Some details of status I would like to see are as followed.

Porting status (equal or better than what is sent in the emails)(IE: Request Started, Submitted, Issue – CLICK FOR DETAILS, Completing – ETA 12/34/2056, Complete)

Hub and Scout(s) status (IE: On-Line, In Use – HUB/SCOUT 1/SCOUT2, Off-Line – CLICK FOR DETAILS, Error – CLICK FOR DETAILS)

OOMA Network Status (IE: Active, Limited – CLICK FOR DETAILS, Down – CLICK FOR DETIALS)

Scheduled Updates (IE:Firmware update scheduled for 12/34/2056 –Click to update now or for Details, System is Current)

Store Purchase Status (IE: No Orders Placed, Scout Shipped 12/34/2056, Premier Status Now Active, Account Issue – CLICK FOR DETAILS, Billing Issues – CLICK FOR DETAILS)

Account Status (Account is Current, Pre-payment account balance is under $0.00 – CLICK TO RECHARGE)

... (and if you want, let the user setup if they would like to be text'ed to their mobile phone on any of these status changes.) This is just one of my ideas, I just wanted to add my thoughts to a great service and company. Thank you all for making OOMA possible.

- Chris (in Houston TX, USA) :D

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Re: REQUEST: Lounge Users Status Page - Details Inside -not hard

Post by thbjr » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:25 pm

Welcome to OOMA!

I like those.

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