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#12643 by pjs344
Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:05 pm
I would like to see you ad more caller ID options. Right now you only have the option to block your number and choose from Ooma numbers. I would like to ad a my name and to ad my MagicJack and GrandCentral numbers to the list of numbers to choose from. Right now I am forwarding my MJ and GC numbers to Ooma. The MJ, GC and Ooma numbers are for different cities. So employers, businesses and friends can see my name and the local number on the Caller ID for that city. They can also call me with out a long distance charge using the number on the Caller ID. One last thing is that my GC number is my a local calling area number and Ooma does not have a local number to choose from. So I had to use another city which is out of my local calling area for my Ooma number. So it would be good to be able show my local GC number and name on the caller ID until Ooma has a local number to change too.

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