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#11292 by in2dadark
Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:45 am
bw1 wrote:Yes, any calls to an integrated land line or to a forwarded number are not processed by ooma and therefore would not be blocked or forwarded (multi-ring).

There is an enhancement coming that will fix this.

At first I thought this may be the case. But I have blocked an ex at my forwarded number and she can't get through on her cell..:0)

Why is this number able to get though constantly? They called today when I was home (804) 474-6725 MEDIA SYNERGY

and I pressed one per their instructions(it's a robo dialer) and it rang and rang and no one picked up. So, not only are they annoying people they don't even follow through on their solicitation.
#11298 by Dennis P
Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:55 am
There are two limitations with the blacklist feature right now:

(1) If the call comes in on a landline, blacklists do not work. The feature is only supported on a phone number owned and operated by ooma.

(2) If you have calls forwarded to your ooma number, blacklists do not work. The calls must be directed to your ooma number for the feature to kick in.

Both of these limitations will be lifted in the near future. We hope to have the release in the field by the end of next week.

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