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#9977 by witz
Wed May 20, 2009 6:16 am
Has any thought been given to working with OpenPeak on developing a new Ooma core/hub? Given that Verizon is getting $35 a month this could be an opportunity for a lasting revenue stream and could take Ooma to the next level in useability.

No, I have no financial interest in OpenPeak. I love Ooma and want to see it grow!

Keep up the good work!

#9987 by witz
Wed May 20, 2009 12:11 pm
On the surface the box looks nice but I hope this is more than a redisgn of hardware. I can't imagine that Ooma can be expecting current users to shell out a good chunk of money for a just a redesigned box. Further, I have my doubts that many individuals out there who were not early adapters will be swayed by a redesigned/nice looking box. I eagerly await more news. Thanks for the information.
#10009 by Pandora
Wed May 20, 2009 6:26 pm
I think a lot of people just want a phone.

Basic Ooma solves that problem.

Ooma premier solves even more problems, but to get the most out of it, you need to be online to add to blacklists and what not.

A more web-centric Ooma wouldn't be very attractive to me, I already have PC's, game consoles, iPods and PDA phones. It seems of late everything can access internet.

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