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#9927 by Kentws7
Tue May 19, 2009 6:51 am
My Request was from March 27th, 2009. It has been over 7 weeks and Ooma finally contact me and says the carrier they were submitting to no longer has service in my area. My provider has always been Verizon, it has been that way over a decade. I have already paid 2 phone bills and will be receiving a third any day now. I think Ooma lost my LOA and are just trying to cover it up. My advice, be on Ooma from, day 1 after you request your number to be ported.

Hello Kent,

We have received your port request, however, we were just notified that the carrier we were submitting to no longer has service your area. In order to complete your port request, we do need for you to fill out a new LOA (I have attached) and hand sign it, as well as attach a current copy of your phone bill. Once this paper work is received, I will submit your request. You can send me the forms back via email or fax them back to me at 650-213-9455.

Thank you,


ooma provisioning department

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#9933 by Pandora
Tue May 19, 2009 7:45 am
They messed up my port a bit. After 2 weeks I called and they hadn't done anything. It took another 3 weeks after they got going, but the port was eventually complete.

The port department isn't good at keeping users informed. My suggestion is to call them every week to 10 days and get updates.

Good luck!
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#9936 by buzzman
Tue May 19, 2009 8:45 am
Don't feel too bad. I submitted my OLA on 4/1 (few days after you did), and I'm still waiting for my port date. Ooma told me that I should know the exact date by 5/29. I'm just trying to be patient here but Ooma doesn't communicate well about my porting situation.
#10192 by azism
Sat May 23, 2009 3:23 pm
I think mine has been ported, however I have nothing to prove it. I thought they (Ooma) was supposed to email me when porting was completed. It took about three weeks. Now I want to go to my cable company and break the package plan I am under, but don't dare until I know for sure the porting has been completed.
#10501 by Kentws7
Sat May 30, 2009 7:24 am
My number has been ported, took nearly 3 months. I noticed I have less glitches now that Ooma & Verizon (my carrier for the past 10+ years) are not sharing the line. I now no longer have Premier (trial expired) but it never really worked very good anyway. It worked fine until I made a few changes and then never really worked. Changed back, experimented, no go. On Thursday, the Premier started working again, but then expired. Maybe it was due to Ooma & Verizon sharing Line? Maybe any change after the initial needs an application or server reboot? Not sure.

It was ported Thursday, May 28th. I never called due to the long wait times I read about, but did e-mail several times and got No Response. When I posted this on the forum, I got an immediate response.

Now, as long as Ooma stays in business 6 months, then I break even. I was paying close to $50/month for home phone, only had caller id option, that's it, no long distance, call waiting, voice-mail etc.

Although some calls drop when I answer and sometimes it drops connection when I call a company and get transferred, I am still happy I went with Ooma and would so far refer Ooma products & services.

I did notice my cell phone minutes dropped to about 1/2, although that really means nothing as far as my cell phone bills goes.

And azism, you probably were not ported. I noticed a few weeks in, my Ooma kept on going down, I thought I was being ported, Nope. I was sent an e-mail last week after posting this stating the week Ooma thought I would be ported and the day I was ported I received another e-mail indicating I was ported. So don't cancel your other VoIP yet.

Thanks all
#10518 by azism
Sat May 30, 2009 11:44 am
I got ported over about a week ago. However, I had to contact the Ooma tech support to make sure it had been done. They did not notify me when it was completed. They were apparently within a couple days of their target date to complete the porting. :)

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