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#109505 by Timocrates
Sat May 04, 2013 2:50 pm
[b]It has been dead forever.[/b]

What a helpful feature it would be were the Blacklist to work. But, it doesn't, and hasn't since we began with Ooma years ago. The only way I can add idiot robocallers to the Blacklist is by means of what I am wasting lots of time doing right now, which is to run it up this flagpole and see if it's saluted in the next few days.

Briefly, some outfit (well know to online groups which trace such pests) identified in caller ID as

(408) 459-0631

has been calling, and I hope to add it to the Blacklist, which I can only ever do by this ancient method of complaining. I see the error message that the service is "temorarily" out, and try again later, maybe in 2021 or so.

This is ridiculous, folks.
#109506 by lbmofo
Sat May 04, 2013 4:12 pm
Not sure what's not working for you. Blacklist has been working fine for me all this time.

If you are not able to add numbers to your Blacklist, try clearing out your browser cookies/history and try again.

If you can, try a different browser.


You can add numbers to your Blacklist directly from the call logs:
Next to the number you want to block, there is a crossed out circle, click on that to add the number to your Blacklist.

Or you can go to your Blacklist and add numbers yourself:

Click on the link "+ Add to Blacklist"

Since April 1, 2013, Ooma implemented wildcard blacklisting so instead of full number you can specify leading number and then a * to block all numbers matching your pattern. For example, for the number you mentioned, "Blacklist Number" can be 408* to block the entire area code of 408 or 408459* to block all numbers that start with area code 408 and exchange 459.

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