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#108515 by MLXXXp
Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:21 am
Currently, the Ooma logo on the Telo turns red when connection to the server is lost or calls cannot be sent or received for other reasons. I'd like to also have the option to configure an audible alert for this case.

This could be a beep or other tone, or a spoken message such as "Telo has lost connection". This would be at the highest volume possible (or perhaps a configurable volume) and repeat approximately every 30 seconds until the connection is restored. The alerts could be silenced by pressing the "stop" button on the Telo. If the user silences the alerts, it would be useful to also have a different repeating alert when the connection comes back up (again, silenced by pressing "stop").

For me, this would be useful because:
I've set my system to call forward to my cell phone on network outage but I don't usually leave my cell phone on when I'm at home. The audible alert would let me know to turn on my cell, so I can still receive calls to my home number while the Telo is unable to, without having to constantly keep an eye on the Telo.

Even without using call forwarding, I can see this being a useful feature just to let you know that the system is down, without having to look at the Telo.

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