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#107389 by 2spirit
Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:50 pm
My Telo has been cruising along without any major hiccups for over three years. It has been more reliable than my old Verizon POTS line . . . and, of course, I'm saving tons of money to boot!
#107391 by kdmc69
Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:11 pm
nicholshornlake wrote:How long have you guys been using Ooma Telo without any major problems?

My Telo is over 3 years old. My son has my original hub which is 4 1/2 years old. Neither has experienced any major problems.
#107418 by highq
Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:01 pm
I have Verizon FiOS here. My ISP (AceInnovative) furnishes a Cisco router which gets an IP address from Verizon's Actiontec and sets up a VPN to my ISP, which provides me with a five-address Cider Block.

My main server (Unix) has a fixed public IP address (within that Cider Block) on a NIC connected to the Cisco router, and a fixed local IP address on a second NIC connected to my LAN.

I think devices which never move around should not use DHCP (DHCP includes the word "Dynamic", so it's appropriate for cell phones or laptops, which might be taken out of the office); thus my various Windows boxes, my printer, my NAS, and my Telo have each been configured with fixed IP address on my LAN.

The Unix machine has NAT translation in effect for any device on NIC#2 which wants to reach the outside world on NIC#1.

I've had my Telo for three years -- no compaints.
#109532 by Ely
Sun May 05, 2013 6:39 pm
I have been using my Telo to distribute phone service through the walls to the whole house along with an Ooma handset and 3 other ATT phones for close to 3 years so far with no major issues, very happy with the service.
#109533 by EX Bell
Sun May 05, 2013 7:55 pm
I asked the same question early on. Haven't had the Telo two years, but I have their generous extended waranty so I feel at ease. As you can see from my signature I've had mine since January of 2012. I'm very satisfied with the product and service. Although the occasional reboot is needed, it's been otherwise working like a champ. Beautifully clear and consistent call quality.

I have also installed many Ooma Telos for clients since becoming an Ooma customer myself. All are completely satisfied and have reported nothing other than an occasional reboot required.
#109587 by Tuan
Tue May 07, 2013 1:41 pm
There was an ooma outage several years ago. It lasted several hours. Besides that, it's a great voip.
#109592 by dsinternet
Tue May 07, 2013 6:07 pm
I have been using the Telo since 2009. No major problems. Back in 2010, I had an echo sound, but that was cleared up with a update fairly quickly. Once in awhile, there is a little hic up when I got an update, in this rare case...and I do mean rare, Ooma quickly finds the problem and fixes it.
I bought the Lifetime Premier one hour before it ended. Ooma has not offered this since then (2009). At the time I was scared to throw down some much money up front, but I am so happy I did. Pay $4.51 in taxes each month now. Paid for system (in savings) within 20 months. My brother also got Ooma at the same time in 2009, but never signed up for Premier. He also only pays $4+ per month for basic service and loves it. His system paid for itself within 10 months. I love the company and wish them well.
#109599 by Telo_BK
Wed May 08, 2013 1:07 am
I've had the Telo for almost three months. Overall it's pretty good (call quality and customer service are very good) CS hours are limited. But I've had problems with two of the three accessories which had to be replaced. These and a few other issues have resulted in hours of troubleshooting time on my part. Avoid the Bluetooth adapter until Ooma makes it work as you'd expect from the product description. It sounds like a good idea, but I found it to be buggy. You can see my posts about that in another thread.

I went to Level-3 support (Ooma's corporate office) on one of my calls, and told the woman that I found a bug in the Bluetooth adapter. Her response? "There are lots of bugs...". I was a little taken aback by that curt response, especially since, to a person, all of the CSRs and a couple of tech's I've interacted with have been very personable. Maybe that woman was having a bad day. Ooma took care of the problem, but not without hours of effort on my part. I would say there are some significant bugs. Most are minor and Ooma is improving. I like having all the features that my phone company didn't provide, and not having to pay nonsensical fees for them. Ooma charges the actual tax amount ($3.73 per-month in this locality), whereas my old phone/cable company charged about $10.00 in elective fees and surcharges in addition to the actual tax and surcharge. There is no option to pay Ooma in any way other than direct withdrawal from a debit or credit card, at least none that I know-of. Some features, like blacklisting, are a little more limited than I'd like- and with CID spoofing, not as effective as I'd like- but that isn't Ooma's fault.

My advice? Buy it from Costco- they'll take it back within 90 days of purchase. Don't upgrade to Premiere until your free trial period (90) days is just about over. Don't port your number until you are absolutely sure you're satisfied with Ooma. Just use the temporary number in the meantime (most people will still call your original number, but you'll be able to try out your Telo without worry). And when you do port, do it on the phone with a CSR. You can port easily online, but they might give you some cogent advice or be able to deal with any difficulties. It took two weeks to port my number from COX. Something they will probably not tell you: If you port your number, don't call your old phone company for any reason until after the port is completed. After that you probably won't need to anyway. If they do anything at all to your service- it will likely stop your port, and you'll have to start over. Probably you'll like Ooma and won't want to return it, but it never hurts to take some precautions.
#109607 by EX Bell
Wed May 08, 2013 7:08 am
Telo_BK wrote:Don't upgrade to Premiere until your free trial period (90) days is just about over

You can order Premier at any time. Your credit card is charged, but the subscription does not beging until the end of your 60 day Premier trial period. There is no need to wait if you are sure that you want Premier service.

Telo_BK wrote:Don't port your number until you are absolutely sure you're satisfied with Ooma

I always advise my clients that they are not obligated to port their number until they're satisfied, but the majority want to start the number port on the day of install because they're eager to start saving money ASAP. They trust my judgement and I know Ooma is a solid product. If it wasn't, I would never recommend it in the first place. You can always port your number out of Ooma to another carrier if you're not satisfied, but Ooma is a great product and my clients have been satisfied every time. The few that did say they wanted to try it out first, called me in less than a week and said "It's great. Let's do it". I would advise anyone that DOES NOT need a phone in a life or death situation, such as a Lifeline Pendant, to go ahead and do it. Especially when that person is healthy and has a cell phone for backup that they keep charged. As long as you're putting it into a location with the proper internet specs and you've properly configured QoS, it blows away every other phone service in its price range.

Telo_BK wrote:...when you do port, do it on the phone with a CSR. You can port easily online, but they might give you some cogent advice or be able to deal with any difficulties

You could do this I suppose, but it has been my experience that the process online works perfectly every time. I walk my clients through the process (which is very simple and well designed) and ALWAYS use the upload feature offered in the process to send a scan or PDF of the page from their phone bill that shows Current Phone Number, Name, Address, and Account number. The most important point in porting is to not cancel the current phone service. Let the port complete. With Bell Canada for example, porting out cancels the account on the day it ports. I just advise my cleints to check their account with the former carrier once the port completes. If the account is not closed, then AND ONLY THEN, should they ask their former carrier to close their account.
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