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#106018 by sengsational
Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:19 pm
According to this post, there should be support for DTMF through the phone port for incoming calls on the Telo. That post was old and had degraded into name calling, so I figured I'd start a new one.

The problem is my device* is not responding to the DTMF touch tones. I can hear them, but they are reaaaaly short in duration, and my device just doesn't recognize them if the tones are too short.

First question, is this a symptom of "Ooma filtering DTMF on incoming calls"? Because I have a Telo (not a hub).

Second question, and maybe this is the "feature request" bit, is there any way to configure the unit to send a longer tone?


* My answering machine has an alert feature where if the user enters a correct code, that causes the answering machine to "ring". The individual phone ringers at the house are "off" and we pick up the phone only when the caller knows the code and causes the answering machine to "ring". This is better than running over and looking at the caller ID screen for us...if the answering machine rings, we pick it up. Easy. And we don't need to maintain any lists, so new people we give the code to get right through the first time.
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