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#106420 by lbmofo
Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:15 pm
penang wrote:Even if GV starts charging money in 2014, OOMA premier will have to price competitively for me to choose it over GV. Sorry this is a free market, the strong survive and the weak perish.

Free market is right but GV does not provide 911 service. If 911 service is important, the likes of MJ and NT are all short changing the government entities right now and don't know for how long they can get away with it. Free market is okay but participating in slimy business path is another story.
#106492 by penang
Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:06 pm
Indeed GV doesnt come with 911, but there are several inexpensive 911 programs that obihai let you choose from, starting at .80/month. Agreed with avoiding slimy companies at all cost. Google is ok in my book. For now ooma is still ok, although I am disappointed on how they view the early adopters as liabilities than valued customers. Instead of creating new programs that reward the old customers, they try hard to remove us from the old programs that they promised as lifetime free, printed black and white on the product packaging.
#106497 by lbmofo
Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:54 pm
I'd classify the recent email by Ooma as "encouragment" to get people off the Core platform. I don't think they mean to cut off service in the future going against their promise. I doubt they would do that.

As for Google, they have too much money so they can afford to give away phone service so as long as that lasts, enjoy.

But for the "inexpensive" 911 services, those guys are not playing by the rules I don't think. They are not collecting 911 taxes due government entities. IOW, using their service means using/hooked up to 911 services without paying proper dues.
#106589 by skypros
Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:00 am
The problem is the Hub will become unstable.... making it useless, so essentially cutting off the Hub's from the system.

lbmofo wrote:I'd classify the recent email by Ooma as "encouragment" to get people off the Core platform. I don't think they mean to cut off service in the future going against their promise. I doubt they would do that.

I like many others were promised NO MONTHLY COSTS FOREVER...... and if oOma stays in business I think they should honor that commitment to me and the other owners of the Hub's.
What oOma offered was OFFENSIVE, pay $$ and have to pay a monthly fee..... at the least they should of offered a FREE telo to all older Hub owners.
I will never pay oOma one cent for upgraded equipment (I already paid for my equipment)..... when the Hub fails, I will do something else.

I also understand why folks that have a telo and pay monthly think it is unfair that us older Hub owners are getting monthly service free.... But that is what we were promised

One last thing about the monthly charges..... I have a page plus cell phone that I use for emergency's.... I have to pay $10 for 100 minutes that lasts 120 days..... what page plus charges is .75 a month maintenance fee per month... I pretty sure I have 911 service with my page plus cell phone service. Why is oOma charging $3+ a month?
#106631 by lbmofo
Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:10 pm
What Core customers were promised: free service for the life of device; not the owner.

Hub has been and I expect it to be in the future as stable as Telo if not more.

911 taxing entities are catching up on regulations. A % of what you pay may already be sent in by carrier to taxing authorities. Some entities are doing different things on top such as collecting tax at time of sale (minutes). Example: ... elessE-911
#106700 by lbmofo
Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:01 pm
nicholshornlake wrote:I don't believe Google Voip is encrypted.

Searching the net doesn't yield much info against your statement so I suppose you are right.

Ooma uses SRTP: viewtopic.php?t=11214#p78095
#106776 by penang
Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:38 am
I don't think there is evidence to suggest OOMA is more or less secure than GV. Unless it is published on the front page of blackhat that GV is hackable, there is no reason to claim one way or another. I personally believe our gov can eavesdrop on any voip just as easy as they want to listen to our cell phone, if that bothers anyone they really should stay off OOMA that uses Internet.

However, given the investment I have put in OOMA hubs, I am interested in knowing if OOMA is planning to migrate the old customers by providing some kind of win-win formula for us to upgrade to TELO. I vote for an upgrade program that allows the CORE users to keep the program if we purchase TELO with one or two years premier service. This will give OOMA more revenue while allowing the HUB users to upgrade to the supported platform. Any thoughts?

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