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#105317 by stevec44312
Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:04 pm
I just signed up so I don't know if someone has suggested this before. How about a Windows application that talks to the Telo over your home network. I work at home and it would be great if I could have an application running on my workstation that would pop up when I get a call and show me the name and number of the caller and give me the option of answering the call or sending it immediately to voicemail. Most PCs have a webcam with a mic that you use for apps like Skype to make voice or video calls so why not be able to use it with the Telo? I wouldn't have to actually pick up the handset to answer the phone and talk and also my hands would be free to type on the PC while I talk. I do support work so I'm talking and typing at the same time all day long. So how about it Ooma?

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