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#104561 by ohhma
Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:52 pm
Today 24th Dec, I phoned about my account. Customer service rep just asked the phone number and changed my number of course with $20 fee charged on my Visa. I have 3 concerns:
1.Most companies do not charge these fees when customer moved to a new city. She put me on hold and finally came back with sorry answer. Primus did not charge us any fees to issue us a new number.
2.Absolutely NO security questions were asked, which I asked her why not? Her answer was since I gave her my home number that was sufficient. But I said I phoned her from a strange number and thus any one could do changes for me!
3.And finally I reminded her of Merry Christmas as this was 24th December!

I am not mad or too much upset with all above but I thought someone from Ooma might read this and think over their policies! And apparently as usual all was recorded at their side.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all OOMA staff from customers again..
#104582 by ohhma
Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:57 am
Thanks for your reply..She said since I told just the Phone nmber that's all she needed. And I suggested this way any one can play around with my account just by giving my phone number?! And she said YES sir! May be next time I will OK..So then she charged to my VISA which was already on file without further asking any single SECURITY questions about who am I ? address? Ooma serial number? NOTHING. And I was calling from another phone which is NOT on their system even. And Ooma staff can pull out the recording can listen to reality.
I STRONGLY SUGGEST OOMA to ask Oooma machine serial number on the label before they just make any small or major changes to customer's accounts; something their system always asks when we 1st activated Ooma.

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