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#8990 by Pandora
Sun May 03, 2009 11:51 am
This is a problem with some foreign calling centers. They create malformed callerid's. I get these on my cell phone sometimes.

Ooma needs an option to reject malformed callerid's. IMO malformed callerid's are another form of anonymous calls. Maybe when anonymous call rejection is enabled, it could reject malformed callerid's as well.
#8994 by southsound
Sun May 03, 2009 1:30 pm

OK, you have my attention. After NINE posts asking a user forum to allow you to block a spoofed number, you have made your point. Let me make sure I am understanding you. You want to block calls from numbers that use malformed CID - like 775. They are annoying and you get a lot of them.

Kind of like when a person sends in NINE posts to a user forum regarding the same issue. I understand your frustration. The problem is with the programming (firmware) of the hub and/or the routing tables used in the ooma control servers.

Since most of us here are just users like yourself, we don't have access to the firmware or the routing tables. But I understand that all software is just made up of a bunch of 0's and 1's. I have LOTS of extra 0's and 1's laying around the house in I think there may even be some in the storage above our garage. Many other people on this forum may be in the same condition. Lots of extra 0's and 1's. So I suggest that we send them to you so you can assemble some new firmware or routing tables that will meet your satisfaction. It's the least we can do for a person who has such great faith in the user community that he thinks we can do the impossible.

On the other side, why not just call customer service and see if you can get your desired changes into the next official revision of the firmware? You can tell them about my offer of the extra 0's and 1's if you think it will help them roll it out faster.
#9001 by whn
Sun May 03, 2009 2:31 pm
Thank you Raccoon for your thoughts and concerns and all that, its sure is cute Wayne that it all comes from a Raccoon. It's Brilliant.

Now back to the question and problem,

I have called and cant get a live person to talk to me. Trust me, I have called. You know the Ooma customer service is famous for not being there on the phone.

First of all, i wasnt trying to spam

I didnt know which forum it would get answered on.

I have posted the question once a month and no answer

I emailed OOMA support and no answer for 3 months

I called OOMA support and I have been on hold for 10 minutes every time+++++++++++++++

Im sorry my posts ruin your computer monitor.

You guys make it think I hate OOMA when its not the case.

Perhaps if Customer Service was like ATT, where they answer questions pretty quick over a telephone line, I wouldnt have to post the question.

Then this forum has all these sections and there is not one place to ask questions about my problem.

You post in one forum area and you get no answers.

So I post in the other

Then I realized , post on all and look at that I got answers.

Everyone relax, freaking out over seeing a post over and over .

Sorry it hurt your eyes.

Glad at least it was somewhat answered even if your answer was just: CALL OOMA (start again)

Perhaps OOMA needs to get more people to answer emails and telephones when I call and email with this question.

Maybe I will ask Ashton Kutcher for help. lol
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#9002 by WayneDsr
Sun May 03, 2009 2:43 pm
Perhaps if Customer Service was like ATT, where they answer questions pretty quick over a telephone line, I wouldnt have to post the question.

Yep, at $80 a month I used to get answers quick too.
And if I had asked a question concerning blocking caller ID's the answer would be a firm "no, we don't do that."

#9003 by whn
Sun May 03, 2009 2:51 pm
So your saying , "Since OOMA is not $80 a month, live with the subpar customer service? "

And about blocking they do allow blocking of calls with a paid added plan you can sign up, just like paying for Ooma premier.

I will call Customer Service right now and since Im not paying $80 a month anymore, I will just have to wait and see if they answer, hopefully before midnight, that gives them a good 6 hours to pick up while on hold.

well see.
#9004 by Pandora
Sun May 03, 2009 3:43 pm
Ooma provides excellent customer service at this time.

I'm offended by your comment as an Ooma customer. You are hurting your case by blasting Ooma customer support.

Look, the malformed callerid's are deliberately made to get past call blocks. They generally come from outside the U.S. and aren't subject to U.S. law regarding sales calls (the .gov do not call list).

There are few companies that listen to their customers like Ooma does. Clearly you've got someone calling you and want it to stop. I strongly suggest not picking up the phone when you get a malformed callerid.

As a feature, I think malformed callerid's should be blocked whenever anonymous call rejection is active.

If Ooma implements this great, Ooma will once again prove itself to be the best VOIP company if not the best phone company in the business. If it doesn't, this will make Ooma merely like every other phone company.

If you can't stand what the calls you are getting, and if Ooma won't solve your problem, please try to return your Ooma hub / core system ASAP.

Posting spam all over these boards is not helping your cause any more than blasting the great support Ooma offers.
#9031 by oomg
Mon May 04, 2009 2:52 am
Don't quite understand the difficulty getting through to CS. I had to call CS re: a new system several times (at least 4) within the past 10-12 days. Each time the call was answered by a live person within a minute.

Otherwise, unless and until ooma implements your suggestion (and I tend to agree that it is a good idea), just send those 775 calls directly to VM, or don't answer and let VM handle them.

Even without activating call blocking or caller id, I have noticed a significant drop in junk calls since switching to ooma. Likewise, since switching to efax, incoming junk faxes have been rare... I can't even recall when I received the last one.

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