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#93784 by WiFiGuy
Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:26 pm
Well I love the concept, but the implementation is lacking, and the documentation is down right deceptive IMHO. My hope was to have an office line plugged into my Telo that I would set up for GVE. We bought a couple of Ooma handsets for our home line and ported our old number to the primary Ooma phone #. I then created a "Personal Device" for my office line intending to enable GVE on that line using my GV# as my outgoing caller ID for my office. With that, life will be good. I could not set this up!!!
After several calls and several hours on the phone with Ooma support, I finally was routed to Level 3 support where I was informed that GVE could not be enabled on a direct # (only shared #). What that means is that I have to have the two numbers as "shared, then enable GVE on the secondary line. But that means my work calls ring through to my home phones. Not that big a deal, I created a custom ring tone for incoming work calls. I then enabled GV# as my outgoing caller ID only to find out that it will send that # out for ALL my lines including my home phone #. Not very practical for trying to keep some separation between work and home!! I can override the outgoing caller ID if I want to dial **0 before every phone number I dial from the "home" phones (yeah right!!).
The long and the short of it is that I beleive this is just a ploy by Ooma to get customers strung along in the process to the point where they will add an additional phone line for $5 a month in addition to already having paid for Premier. By the time you get this far down the road, you have sooo much time and energy invested (and the Ooma support folks don't understand the GVE very well on the entry level folks), that you will just give up and add yet another line as a secondary line off of your personal device line.
I am so disgusted that I would like to send the whole thing back, but I don't really see any other viable alternatives out there anyway for the money, so they will probably end up getting another $60 a year out of me until I can find an alternative.

Buyer Beware!! Shame on you Ooma! You should make this clear or fix it.
#93785 by lbmofo
Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:42 pm
You can do what you want using only 2 numbers on your account.

You'd have to make 1 Telo handset a personal device and assign your business number to it for example. If people call your business number, only that one Telo handset would ring. You can use GVE on this personal device and set your outgoing callerid to your GV number. The personal device will ring when GV number is called as well. Is this what you want?

The home number would be shared (all phones plugged into the Telo base and rest of Telo handsets would ring when someone calls your home number).

Take a look at this thread for some info: /viewtopic.php?t=13220#p92136

If you have further questions, post it here.

BTW, I disabled "Auto Answer Delay" and "Auto Connect Delay" in the "Advanced Options" on the Google Voice Extensions (I don't want Ooma to pick up the phone after 1 second)

Read up more here:
#93816 by WiFiGuy
Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:01 pm
Thanks for the suggestion:

"You can do what you want using only 2 numbers on your account.
You'd have to make 1 Telo handset a personal device and assign your business number to it for example."
I should have mentioned that I want my business Google phone to use my hard wired desk phone that I use with my wired Headset. I can't use an Ooma handset for my office line. I need the hands-free of a good quality headset.
Maybe I just have too many restrictions on how I want it to work, but it doesn't seem like it would be that unusual.
#93818 by lbmofo
Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:10 pm
Then you can assign Telo as your personal device. Anything connected to the Phone port (multi-handset DECT 6.0 phone for example or your hardwired deskphone or both using a duplex phone line splitter) would then be "personal." Your home phone would have to be Telo handsets then (all Telo handsets would be "shared" meaning they would all ring when your home number is called).
#93822 by WiFiGuy
Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:05 pm
OK, Thanks to IBMofo, I took another look at My Ooma set up and tried what I was told by Ooma level 3 would not work; which was to create a personal device and choose the Telo as the device, then tie my second line to that Personal Device. wait 5 minutes for things to apply, then log in to the Personal device number I just created, set up GVE, Check the box to use my GV# for outgoing caller ID, and now everything is working as I had hopped. Telo handsets are sending out my home number that I ported as their caller ID, and my business phone is sending my GV# as the caller ID. This is great!!
Lessons Learned:
1) If you created your Google Voice account under a different e-mail address than your G-Mail address, you need to use the ORIGINAL e-mail address used to create the Google voice account and your now current password as the User Name and Password under GVE. I was trying for a couple of days to set up GVE using my current GV log in credentials and had been on the phone with Ooma tech support (including being escalated to level 3 support) before they sent me an e-mail that made me think back to find what e-mail I had actually used to set up the account. You can find this under your Google account information under password recovery options.
2) You CAN use a non shared line (personal device) to dedicate to your GVE account and thereby not need to add a third phone number to your account regardless of what the Ooma documentation and their support people say.
This makes me feel much better about Ooma as I did talk to them before purchasing at some length and was assured I could set it up as I wanted. I guess perseverance saves the day.

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