Not a good start

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Re: Not a good start

Post by John1000 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:00 am

I must concur that the issues you mention seem some what trivial in the big picture. As long as you are making progress and things are moving forward in the right direction in a timely manner, I think you should be ok. I would be more focused on the bigger issues like 1) customer support, 2) call quality, 3) reliability, and 4) cost.

From my experience, customer support is pretty good especially when compared to similar companies providing VOIP service. The call quality is probably the best of all the VOIP companies I've tried. I can't say anything for reliability given that I've only had Ooma for a couple of weeks. Cost is what it is - not bad if the hardware doesn't fail, the company doesn't go under, Ooma doesn't change their pricing, and the gov't doesn't raise taxes to an extreme level. I would say the cost is the biggest gamble given that hardware seems to fail at higher rates these days due to cost cutting, companies are going bust left and right due to a crappy economy, and the gov't is out to raise our taxes through the roof if they can.

Having said all of this, I will be returning my Ooma. Unfortunately, I could not get my fax machine to work with Ooma, and that is a deal breaker. Down the road, I think Ooma may figure out how to fax, but right now, it is hit and miss. I am also disappointed in the mobile app in that it cost money to only find that it may not work on your mobile device. Ooma, to their credit, gives the customer ample time to try out their service but is unwilling to extend that trial period to their mobile app. The fact that they charge for an app that seems to be beta at best is a bit odd (at least on Android). Eventually, I hope Ooma will figure out that customers like some sort of guarantee before requiring people to shell out hard earn dollars especially in this messed up economy.

Good luck. Dial back a little on your expectations, but not too much. You are paying good money and should expect good service. I believe that Ooma is doing well overall but, as most companies, may have areas where they can improve. Great companies will figure out where they can improve and end up putting effort in fixing those areas. I am putting Ooma on my watch list for companies that seem to want to do the right thing and provide a quality service at a good price. Unfortunately, right now they are not meeting my specific needs, but I will check back with them periodically to see if issues have been resolved.

As for the comment made by someone who mentioned that you're getting a free service and implied that your expectations should be a lot lower, I disagree. Ooma is not free. You are paying a fee upfront to buy the hardware to access their system at the moment. There is no guarantee that in the future, the pricing will not change. You may end up paying a monthly fee eventually. And the real catch is the up-sell to the Premier service which Ooma has tightly tied to their service in the past but has recently relaxed a bit (probably due to to many customer complaints). If I were to go with Ooma, I would probably need the Premier service which is not free. I don't mind paying for a service if it provides me with what I'm looking for at a reasonable price. But all of these costs need to be factored in to your decision, and there are unknowns, of course.

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Re: Not a good start

Post by thunderbird » Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:49 am

For faxing problems see the following thread:

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Re: Not a good start

Post by EX Bell » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:32 am

Before you go, have you tried or considered either one of these options suggested by forum members?

Option A or Free Option B

I don't know how much you paid for your local phone service before Ooma, but for me $68/month to only have call waiting and 1400 minutes of LD service was unacceptable. BELL Canada was only going to drop the price of their "Choice" VoIP service to $42.78/month for the first year and $59.73/month after 1 year. That's not the exact number they quoted me, it doesn't sound good. I found out what their mandatory extra fees in 2pt type were and added taxes to get those numbers. Thier "Choice" service didn't compare to what Ooma offers me for a mere $12.23/month. Maybe receiving as well as sending fax would work properly with Bell, I don't know. I only need to send a fax a few times a year anyway and for me, it works fine using the *98 prefix. My point of all this is, if fax was really critical for me, it would be silly not to use an alternate fax servie provider because I would still be saving a bundle every month with Ooma.
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Re: Not a good start

Post by John1000 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:32 pm

Thanks for the links to other faxing options. I tried all different configurations/codes/etc to send and receive a fax using Ooma, and nothing has worked for me. I could probably spend more time trying out different services that allow me to scan a document into my computer and send and receive documents from and to my email. But it comes down to convenience and cost, and both take a very big hit when trying to use a work-around just to do what I've been doing for decades. I have found a cheaper VOIP service that works with my fax machine, so I'll have to go that route. NetTalk has worked well for me so far and enables me to fax, so I'll go with them as long as they provide a good service which allows me to do what I need to do.

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