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#91571 by rvontrapp
Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:06 am
I have 311 service in the city I live in, but Ooma does not support this feature.

Since it appears that there is difficulty with support on this issue due to the 311 numbers being regional, can a feature be included in the Ooma software that will automatically dial a number that I configure locally on my Ooma configuration page?

For example, I would like to log in to my Ooma (, click on a menu item, then enter a "virtual number". So, this can help me with my 311 (or any other services, like 511 for road conditions) by setting 311 to equal the local number. Then, I pick up my phone, dial 311, and my Ooma recognizes the number and automatically dials the 10-digit number I am looking for.

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