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#94048 by turbo9
Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:14 am
Even though the Ooma Moderators don't participate as much as they used to, by adding comments to various forum threads. But I often can see where one or another of the moderators are viewing the various threads. The Ooma moderators are engineers, their main job at Ooma. So a lot of times they will see a problem in the tread, and then from there, put in a fix or correction.

That is not what has happened for me from 613. It still does not work (the number can't be reached from....). Both 310-BELL and 613-310-BELL fail that way.

One side benefit from Ooma is that my local calling with Bell was 10 digit mandatory. With Ooma, I only need dial 7 digits for numbers within my area code - just hit # after the 7th digit for the call to begin routing.
#94050 by EX Bell
Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:47 am
It's likely a routing issues from Ottawa for you and from Toronto for me turbo9, but for whatever reason kibosh is good to go from Whitby. Go figure.

Sending an email report to Ooma is going to be the best way to report these routing issues. I have not done this from my area because I don't care if I can't contact Bell via 310 BELL. As I noted before, the toll free number works and for me it usually wouldn't make sense to contact them via my Ooma phone unless maybe I needed to curse their billing department.
#94051 by turbo9
Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:09 am
I was going to try 416 310 BELL to experiment if the problem was area code based. However, I decided to have another cup of coffee instead because, like you, I don't care to ever call Bell again.

I got it straight from Bobby B that Canadian 310 numbers don't / won't work. I'm pretty sure there was no consideration given to this issue (i.e. it was an oversight).

310 numbers are useful, but usually only if they get routed to whoever locally handles them. With Bell, you connect to the same place regardless of origin which is the intent of toll free numbers. When you call 310 PIZZa, you are supposed to be hooked up with a local pizza place. I find it hilarious that Bell is using them incorrectly.

While many might consider it a show stopper, when I run into profound Ooma call routing problems, I just use my cell phone (followed by bitching about it here). It's a minor issue with a major cost avoidance.
#94052 by kibosh
Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:17 am
As i stated above, I have no Bell products and have no reason to call them. I only tried out of interest, and both of my calls where sucessful the first time. I would not consider this a showstopper either but i am more interested in them making sure the routing of 1-800 numbers is correct.
#94054 by thunderbird
Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:34 am
EX Bell wrote:Sending an email report to Ooma is going to be the best way to report these routing issues.

Expecting one of the Ooma Moderators to spot and correct every problem on this forum shouldn't be expected. That don't mean you shouldn't post your problems in the Ooma forum. Because some one else may have have a solution, and if enough people complain about one subject, the "squeaky wheel usually gets the oil".

As EX Bell said, the best policy is to also always report your problems to Ooma Customer Support, which also goes back to the "squeaky wheel usually gets the oil".

#108018 by marcl
Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:02 pm
I just buy a new Ooma Telo. And even if I am suppose to have all long distance calls for free... the toll free numbers are not reachable.
1 800, 1-888 come always with the "you have dialed a number that is not available from you area".

Problem : I had to call Revenue Canada Agency... and the only way to call them is the 1-800 number !
Lot of governments numbers are now 1-800 number... no email addresses anymore.

This is a real issu for canadian customers. My op-out option still have a 50 days. Not sure I will keep the Ooma service in case this issue is not fix.

I live chatted and the CSR didn't told me that this is a well known issue for the canadian ooma customer.
#108020 by turbo9
Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:44 am
Problem : I had to call Revenue Canada Agency... and the only way to call them is the 1-800 number

Call CRA at 1-613-940-8495. See I found this via one google search and two mouse clicks.

Sure, that number is for people calling from outside of North America. I don't imagine they will care all that much. If they do, ask them for a local number to call.

I used to have Bell ExpressVu transfer me to Bell Canada. They objected, but I just told them that they had assumed all their customers would be in Canada AT ALL TIMES and perhaps that was a dumb assumption since it is pretty easy to travel to the US from here.

Not sure I will keep the Ooma service in case this issue is not fix

When I first joined Ooma, I felt the same as you. You could not make toll free calls to certain numbers.

Once you think about it, continuing to pay $50 a month to Bell just so you can make toll free calls is not cost effective. Even if you have to use some minutes on your cell phone (if you have one of those old school contracts and are limited to some number of minutes per month), you are going to come out ahead by sticking it out with Ooma.

This is a real issu for canadian customers.

I've been with Ooma for over a year. They never sorted out the Bell problem I had before I stopped needing to have that problem solved. I can't remember having another problem since that time.

I don't consider this a big issue. Sure, it is an issue and it would be great if it was fixed, but there are work arounds. It is not a show stopper.
#108027 by kibosh
Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:12 am
That is odd because I CAN call 310-BELL . . . I just tried it again. I can call it with or without my area code.

The last time I had an issue with a 1-800 number it was Whirlpool Canada. At the time, I contacted OOMA support and they did something and now I can call them.

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