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#90952 by Sroomalover
Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:03 pm
I have a general understanding of the public blacklist, and understand that my personal blacklist is limted to I believe 200#s. I've read many posts that how Ooma adds stuff to the public blacklist is fuzzy based upon all the users' private lists, but there are some groups of numbers that are obviously slipping thru for some reason. The following #s are all for the March of Dimes that I have received countless calls from: 914-740-1892,914-740-1896,240-210-7121,410-202-0116,804-234-9034,
Looking at 800notes, whocallsme, etc with whatever google finds, these #s definitely should be blocked publicly.
Is there no way that Ooma can make some modification to their system to maybe tweak it so that these #s (and when similar ones start popping up, although every one of these #s have notes going back over a year) get blocked?
Or maybe explain better how the business rules are applied. For example, I usually don't pay attention to the caller type when I block a # and would susptect a lot of people are the same. Does the algorithm require users to all have the same one selected and/or name before it will shift these to the public blacklist?
And I think Ooma could learn a think or two with googlevoice's blacklist capabilities because it's not limited and their group blacklist seems to be working pretty well for me.
Any suggestions, help, etc would be greatly appreciated.
#91311 by tkramer
Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:36 pm
Interesting.. I have blocked those same numbers as well recently.

I would expect the public blacklist to have kicked in and prevented those.

If we had a list in the caller log for blacklisted numbers that tried to get through, we would know if it was really doing anything.
#91441 by jacque
Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:33 pm
A little off topic, but:

I have been plagued by 800 numbers on my (non-Ooma) line the last six months, at least three calls per day from "toll free", which I never answer. The phone company only allows me to block 15 numbers. I want a way to block all 8xx numbers, none of them are from anyone I care to talk to, they are all scams for mortgage, credit card, etc. I called the phone company and they said they couldn't do anything.

I had a brainstorm. I have a premium account here with a ported number I use for business, and I never use my secondary number at all. My home line is with the phone company and that's what is getting all the crap calls. I think Ooma must be trapping some of these in their system because my business line doesn't get them. To save my sanity, this is what I did:

1. Forward my non-Ooma home number to a Google Voice number.
2. Set up Google Voice to use its blacklist and ring my Ooma secondary number.
3. Set up Ooma to assign a custom ring to the secondary number.

Google does a fantastic job of filtering out the crap calls, it hasn't missed one yet. My ported (business) Ooma number rings with a custom ring tone so that I know it's really my home line. If I don't answer, Google sends it to voicemail where I have a personal greeting. Meanwhile my Ooma business number rings straight through and if I don't answer, Ooma's voicemail kicks in with my business message.

It's a twisty workaround but the harrassment has stopped. :)
#91442 by lbmofo
Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:50 pm
Good setup. If you forward your home # directly to the 2ndary Ooma number, you may gain some more benefit from Ooma's community blacklist. I suppose you'd have to decide which one works better for you.
#91644 by neilhmurphy
Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:17 pm
Please add:
SNFC Cntrl
to the public blacklist.

Hung up before the answering machine could play its greeting. I would call it a wrong number, but when I called them back I was told that the number was not in service.
#96727 by Rick2
Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:00 pm
I have a suggestion I would like to see implemented. When you receive a call that you want to blacklist, if there were a check box to flag the number to be reviewed for community blacklist, then the community blacklist would be easier keep current. It would also mean that the limit on the personal blacklist would be smaller and more effective, because only numbers that have some relationship to the person being called would be there, while telemarketers, solicitors, polling agencies, surveyors, and robo callers could be added to the community blacklist more effectively. There are a lot of options that could be added to this feature, such as feedback to your inbox, or an e-mail to say that the number you submitted was added to the community blacklist, allowing you to remove it from your personal blacklist.

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