Star codes to turn call forwarding on/off - PLEASE!

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Star codes to turn call forwarding on/off - PLEASE!

Post by clifton4 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:40 pm


Recent convert to Ooma from Lingo (a Vonnage-like service). Lingo worked fine for us for over six years but was becoming very expensive, hence the move to Ooma. Both my sons already have Ooma, so it was an easy transition for us.

I miss one Lingo feature: the ability to forward incoming calls to another number (a cell phone, for instance) by dialing *72 and the number to which the call is to be forwarded. Turning call forwarding off is equally easy: dial *73.

We used this feature a lot when going out the door on day trips, or even when we knew we would be out shopping for long day.

Now, with Ooma, I have to log into the website to activate/disactivate call forwarding - not nearly as user-easy.....

Ooma, please, please, please develop the star codes for call forwarding - I promise to be the most frequent user....


PS - posted this in another thread - copied here as this thread is more appropriate.

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