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#88506 by etters
Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:31 am
My Ooma port from Verizon in September 2011 was completed without delay (less than one week) or complications. Some pointers: 1) provide the FULL account number of the current phone service company to Ooma in writing. Even better, upload a scanned .pdf file of your recent telephone service bill to Ooma. 2) Provide the EXACT same first and last name to Ooma as currently in use at your current phone service company. Porting is NOT a time to add a nickname or revert back to your maiden name. 3) Do not initiate any other service changes at your current telephone service company shortly before or during the porting process. 4) Icing on cake - call or email your current telephone service company and reconfirm that you have authorized an immediate port to Ooma.

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