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#85293 by Charles R
Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:00 am
I realize the combo box (service and voicemail) add to the perceived value and allows you to charge more but for me it was a negative. When I went looking for VOIP I found the Nettalk Duo and loved the fact it was so small and there wasn't any reason to interact with it. Which would allow me to install it in my electronic closet (cabinet) and forget about it.

Again, having a visible box has some advantages. However forcing you to have a network connection at its location is a drawback and reduces the number of installation locations. I'd prefer it installed at the kitchen's desk although I don't have Internet access there so I'm out of luck (without using a wireless adapter or other means). Even if I could install it there I'd just as well save a few bucks and keep the cordless phone setup I currently have in place. Again, simply throw the device in my closet and forget it. Hopefully my wife wouldn't even notice. :)

Ideally I'd like to see an offer with only the service box (dropping voicemail) which is again being a mountable out of site little box. Now you can do the same and treat the current box that way but it's too large to fit into most electronic closets and requires running lines in and out of them. Since it offers additional features it seems a shame to waste them even though if they weren't there I'd be just as happy.

I guess you could market two boxes. One the service and the other voicemail or offer them separately. I would have paid the same for the service box only if its form factor was close to the Nettalk Duo. Right now I have it installed in my den and using its Home Network to connect my Mac Mini. Which works but I have to use the telephone line to feed it into the house wiring and the Home Network works but certainly not ideal. Liking things straight forward... it simply feels convoluted.

I 'd like a small box! Mount it and forget it. Then talk me into buying your voicemail and handheld units. :) I know the voicemail box is a stealth seller for the handheld units. So break the current box into two pieces.

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