Override caller-ID number for outgoing calls

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Override caller-ID number for outgoing calls

Post by ruest » Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:42 am

It would be useful to allow the specification of alternate number to be displayed on Outbound call so that OOMA can be used as an outbound dialing service without introducing a new number to all your personal & business contacts or forcing changes to existing multi-line telecommunication setups.

I tried Premiere and found that this option is available as part of GVE through the "Use my Google Voice number as my caller-ID for outgoing calls" option on the Google Voice Extensions page. This option, sadly, was not separate from the other GVE features which I do not want enabled, and as this was the only feature I found useful in the Premiere package it was not worth the cost of Premiere or the inconvenience of having to accept the other GVE extension features.

It would be nice in this were either a basic feature, a separately billable option, or a one time charge to setup or change the outbound number, i.e whatever is needed to verify the number is a valid/owned number and not being used subversively. A good first step would be to use the existing google validation code to assure ownership of the GV number and assign that number on a basic account as the outbound caller number, then hopefully this could be expanded to support any phone number.

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Re: Override caller-ID number for outgoing calls

Post by southsound » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:30 am

I would love to use my GV number as outgoing as well. I tried GVE and like naked GV better - but unless I dial my GV number and make the call through it using the "2" option, it does confuse the people I'm calling. Of course, with 6 lines and 10 numbers, they get confused anyways. :P
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