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#89139 by hpepper
Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:49 am
jmarchmd wrote:How can you justify the increase from $11.75 per year to 41.64 per year? That increase in itself is 2 months regular telephone service.

The increase itself is 2 months regular telephone service? The increase itself would be $29.89 and you can get two months regular phone service for that?

jmarchmd wrote:This is nothing more than greed!

I thought most of the increase is taxes. If that is the case, how could you call it greed?
#89141 by murphy
Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:55 am
jmarchmd wrote:How can you justify the increase from $11.75 per year to 41.64 per year? That increase in itself is 2 months regular telephone service. I put up with all kinds of problems with OOMA due to the fact its cheap. If you do not believe you have problems look at your own website with customers listing complaints and problems. Your increase reflects over a 200% increase in taxes to its customers. Move over AT&T and make room for OOMA to join your team.

This is nothing more than greed!

Ooma doesn't get to keep the taxes and fees.
They go to federal, state, and sometimes local governments.
I still have a basic Verizon phone line.
The fees and taxes cost more than the phone service does.
#89156 by rmeden
Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:30 am
joe123 wrote:Yes! If you are an illegal resident here, you get free Obamacare health care. Unemployed, you get extra time to relax, I mean, look for work, etc.

Sigh... I guess there's no point in saying check your facts. IIRC the only part of health care reform that has kicked in is coverage for older "kids" and pre-existing conditions (which many were already protected from a previous insurance plan). Even if you don't agree with it, there's no need to make things up about it.

BTW, Illegal residents get free care now. The E.R. has to treat everyone.

but back to the topic.... IIRC these are federal fees that Ooma didn't have to pay originally, but then the FCC said they needed to. If was probably nice of Ooma not to pass these charges on immediately.

These charges are for things like 911, number portability, Rural telco, Rural internet, etc... and yes they have a history of mismanagement, are not fair, and should be dropped, but that s a US Federal issue, not an Ooma issue.

#90857 by davidm
Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:08 am
joe123 wrote:In all fairness, tax increase has nothing to do with Ooma.

As Obama promised: Change you can believe IN!

Welcome to higher taxes to pay for all of the new entitlements. :cry:

Wait. Can you cite where the actual government taxes went up in the last year? Or where Obama specifically was responsible? From what I understand and heard elsewhere the actual government taxes did NOT go up. It's just that Ooma now wants to collect this amount from Grandfathered users now too as a fee.
#94513 by Leeway
Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:09 pm
FeiGeiWay wrote:Las Vegas has 0 local taxes. I will simply change my address to my buddies address in Las Vegas. It's still $3.77 in Las Vegas.

Well, I hope you never need to make a 911 emergency call because they'd be arriving at your buddies house instead of yours.


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