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#82648 by LawrenceHudson
Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:19 pm
I have a hella time catching the number, the automated operator gives the number to fast. can this be slowed down a bit?
and also the volume needs to be increased. Yes i am an older person but still hear pretty well.

I seems to me that you need to cater to us seniors, we are a big market in need of saving money, but the system needs to be more convient for us. Might be wise to look at some of the senior phones out there, you know bigger buttons etc.

I still like your system Ooma Telo,( I am getting use to it, but have a hard time recommending it to seniors) :idea:
#82692 by Bobby B
Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:58 pm
The playback of the voicemail number should be a bit slower on the new voicemail system we have coming out. We'll soon offer a control in My Ooma that'll allow you to migrate over to the new voicemail system so that you can take advantage of this improvement.

Do you only experience low sound levels when playing voicemails from your Telo speaker? Does the sound level of the voicemails sound OK when you play them from your phone (pick up a phone and press the play button on the Telo)?

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