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#80534 by akajustm
Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:35 pm
I suppose this is more of a rant than a suggestion. The only real suggestion I have is to hire people who know what they are doing and talking about. I don't care where they are, Philippines, Indonesia, Guam, Timbuktu, I just want people who don't lie and who actually pay attention.
So here's why I feel the way I do...
For about the last month or so, my calls have been pretty horrible, people can't hear me, sometimes the calls never ring, they just go directly to voicemail. I have 2 Oomas and the second one had some issues, but not many so I was inclined to blame Comcast, because, well, they are Comcast. I purchased a new router, all new cat 6 cabling and had my modem replaced under warranty because I hate dealing with Comcast. Nothing resolved the issues so call Comcast I did. I ended up escalated to the second tier because they are so horrible. I have now been working with one of the escalation guys for 3 weeks and they have in fact found some issues and resolved them. When you get to the upper tiers they are helpful, good luck in getting to those people.
Anyway, the hub was still having issues so I called support and talked to them they walked me through QoS settings and told me to call back in a few days which is what I did. We had to go over the QoS again and they tried to tell me it was my network etc and I pointed out that all the equipment was new and Comcast was pretty much living in my neighbors backyard trying to resolve any issues on their end. I mean I had 4 vans and 5 cherry pickers out here and they were confident that they fixed anything and everything that could be wrong and even replaced things that were not causing issues. Then I am told that I will need to purchase new equipment because I am out of warranty. I had to point out to the rep that I had paid to extend my warranty at the beginning of this year, after about 10 minutes of checking she said, oh I see that. You'd think that they would be able to tell what device you have and if it is or isn't under warranty, not the case. Every single time I call in I am told my warranty is expired and they try to troubleshoot a Telo, I have a Hub, in fact I have 2 Hubs. So finally Ooma decides to send me a new unit, this was on the morning of Good Friday. I was assured that it would go overnight and that at the latest I would have it Tuesday. Well they didn't actually ship it till Monday evening and as a result that became Wednesday evening. Then Lo and behold I open the box and is a trashed Telo. So early Thursday morning I call, it takes me about 20 minutes to get to the point where they admit they sent the wrong device and they ask me to send it back which I agree to but I have to ask them to send me the right device and this goes back and forth till I get transferred to a supervisor who says yes, they will send a Hub and overnight it. I ask them to ship it early in the day and she assures me that they will. At about noon I get a call from an Ooma rep who says that the replacement hub is being overnighted and I should have it tomorrow.
Well it's Saturday, can you guess what I don't have? So I call and get a representative who says, I see you have your replacement and we go back and forth and he transfers me to his supervisor after a 2 minute hold (which was 12 minutes). Sam the supervisor apologizes and tells me that no replacement was sent. I play the message for him and he says, yes, well nothing was shipped. So I ask him to clarify if I was lied to and he says well we will have to address that with is agents. He then tells me he has to email his supervisor to see if they can authorize sending me another replacement and to have it overnighted. Of course by that point I was raging, why would they have to check but he assured me that there was nothing more he could do and promised to call me back by the end of his shift which is about an hour from now.
So I still have no replacement and I have no idea if they plan on ever sending me one let alone their 3 day overnight service.


Checked my call log, it has now passed the 3 hour mark and Sam the supervisor has not returned my call and apparently his shift is over. I an not the least bit surprised. So I still don't know if or when I will get a replacement hub, I guess I shouldn't have wasted the money to extend the warranty.
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#80537 by nn5i
Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:05 pm
You ought to feel honored. How many people actually get to talk in person with the March Hare?

The Hatter was the first to break the silence. "What day of the month is it?" he said, turning to Alice: he had taken his watch out of his pocket, and was looking at it uneasily, shaking it every now and then, and holding it to his ear.

Alice considered a little, and then said, "The Fourth."

"Two days wrong!" sighed the Hatter. "I told you butter wouldn't suit the works!" he added, looking angrily at the March Hare.

"It was the best butter," the March Hare meekly replied.

"Yes, but some crumbs must have got in as well," the Hatter grumbled: "you shouldn't have put it in with the bread-knife."

The March Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily: then he dipped it into his cup of tea, and looked at it again: but he could think of nothing better to say than his first remark, "It was the best butter, you know."

The March Hare works for Ooma. Who knew?
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#80550 by roadshow
Sun May 01, 2011 4:49 am
Try sending a personal message to ntoy or bobby explaining the issues. I have ALWAYS had better resolutions working with them, as opposed to the phone support.
#80558 by gnowellsct
Sun May 01, 2011 11:10 am
Comcast is ranked 23rd out of 28 for Internet Service in the latest Consumer Reports. The top 3 are WOW, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T U-verse. (I've never even heard of WOW, but I learned about Ooma in the same article). Comcast VoIP is ranked 18 out of 22. The reliability rating is very poor. In other words, if Comcast Internet is handling your Ooma phone calls the same way Comcast Internet is handling its *own* phone calls, you're in for a world of hurt.

With Ooma, one way to move things along is to get a dispute resolution process going on through your credit card company.

Anyhow, Comcast techs may have fixed wiring in your back yard but the guts of Comcast may not be very good (skype isn't good either, has nothing to do with the wires in the back yard). Based on the latest CU ratings I intend to switch away from TWC.

One of my two Ooma handsets failed after 12 hours (screen won't work) of sitting in the charger so I am anxious to see that the rep who said I was getting a replacement handset was telling the truth.

good luck.

#80601 by akajustm
Mon May 02, 2011 12:20 pm
I know no one really loves Comcast, unfortunately they are pretty much a monopoly in this neighborhood. Qwest is slowly extending their reach but they haven't gotten far enough at this point. So I go with what I can get, Comcast. That said, for a little over a year, no major issues with my phone service. What's going on now has been going on for about 7 weeks, it's not the other hardware and from all the tests I run, Comcast does seem to have resolved the issues. What isn't resolved, is I still don't have a replacement Hub, calls have not been returned and I have now been lied to repeatedly. When I look at the DHCP leases on my network, my hub is nearly never listed but the other Hub in house is, something is wrong with the device.
Not sure how you think my credit card company can help, I have had both units working in house over a year.

Off to call them again and see if they will send my a new device.
#80604 by nn5i
Mon May 02, 2011 12:42 pm
Suggestion: since you have two Hubs, try switching the power supplies (wall warts) between them. There is some nonzero chance that the problem is in the supply, and that will tell you whether it's the Hub or the power supply.
#80611 by akajustm
Mon May 02, 2011 3:35 pm
nn5i, thanks for the suggestion, I tried it and placed a couple test calls and it doesn't seem to have made an impact. I will leave then swapped for now to see if I note a change.
As an update, I called and they will be overnighting a hub today which likely means Wednesday again. I love my hub when it works but Ooma support has always been a disappointment, this time more than any previous time.

Well I just went to make a call and the Ooma is DEAD so I'm off to call again!
#80697 by FiveThumbs
Wed May 04, 2011 2:48 pm
This is not really of any help for your problem, but seems like as good a place as any to go on record saying AT&T Uverse seems to work quite well with VoIP. I have my Ooma installed downstream of my router, have not made any QoS adjustments at all, and call quality is quite good.

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