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#77254 by mrudman
Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:39 am
Tried posting this a couple hrs ago, and don't see my previous post, so I apoligize in advance if this shows up twice.

I'm a new Ooma user, waiting on our phone # to port, but as I was browsing through the website, I thought of a question I wanted to ask.

I see where you can add money into a pre-paid account, for uses such as international calls, 411 calls, etc.

Is there a way to have the monthly taxes paid out of this account as well? Or some way of pre-paying the taxes?

I don't mind having the few dollars taken out of our checkbook each month, but was hoping there would be a way I could just pre-pay the 40 some dollars each year. We've gone to a mostly cash-only system, and that would be 1 less bill I would have to remember that would be coming out of our checkbook each month.

Thanks in advance! :)
#79598 by sb06794
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:28 am
I'm brand new to Ooma and am currently awaiting the porting of my phone number. How does Ooma collect the monthly taxes? Do they automatically get charged to my registered credit card? Do I get an e-mail invoice which I then have to pay at the My Ooma website?

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