Overall, I am happy with my OOMA

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Overall, I am happy with my OOMA

Post by lohertz » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:23 am

I wanted to start a thread to discuss and give general feedback of their experience.

Did the OOMA meet your expectations?
Would you recommend? Have you recommended?

For me, I think its great. My only experience with a VoIP is from two different work environments.

I weighed the cost of Vonyage, Allvoi, and other providers. Year 1 cost all came out about the same ~$230. But year 2 and beyond, there is no comparison.

I haven't tried OOMA premier service, and frankly, don't really intend too. The biggest point for me is saving money. So when tigerdirect had the OOMA for less than $250, I pulled the trigger.

My only concern is the solvency of the company iteslf, but if I make it past year 1 I guess its a wash.

I ditch our home phone back in November to save $50/mo. At the time I was looking at all the above options, but just wasn't quite sure.
As soon as the wife started to really eat up the rollover minutes, I knew I had to do something soon.

So that's what convinced me to get OOMA, here's what I think of it after a month of using it:

Sound quality: Okay I guess. It sounds like a regular POTS line. I've seen other threads where they say the quality isn't the greatest, but no issues here. No crackling, static, or humming.

I didn't port a number, and am only using OOMA, no landline at all. If I need 911 when the power is out, I'll use my cell phone.

I have AT&T DSL. 1.5 Mbps down and 384Kbps up.

My setup is modem>router>OOMA. I prefer my router to handle the QoS, traffic and security. I also have a ftp server and 3 machines. I'll probably upgrade speeds to get better video on hulu and my 46" LCD.

I run my cordless phone base straight out of the hub, and have two handsets. So I don't use the house's lines.

I would think my setup is fairly typical. When we had POTS we had the same phone setup.

We did look at Skype and thought it would be cool to have a WIFI phone. But maybe later in the future. Don't really don't want the monthly fee, even if it is minimal. Also Skype has no 911 support.

Overall, I'm really happy with the OOMA and the service and can't complain. I would and have recommended it to others with high speed internet.

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Re: Overall, I am happy with my OOMA

Post by dsb » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:49 am

No problems so far. Saving over $400 a year now. I had one day when I dialed there was up to a 30 second delay before ringing the other line but that only happened a few times.

Sound quality is as good as POTS. No problem with my number port. Took about 4 weeks.

I have 4 phones (2 wall phones) hooked into a single scout that I wired up where all my phone lines terminate in the basement. The other phone is plugged into the hub, of course, next to my modem.

I'm on the Premier fee trial now but will probably end up getting it. I want to support the company and I love the features. Especially, the Do Not Disturb feature. Nothing worse than being sick, trying to sleep during the day and a sales call comes in. Preventing that alone is worth $100 a year for me! :)

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Re: Overall, I am happy with my OOMA

Post by jmassimilla » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:56 am

I, too, am happy with all aspects of my Ooma service. It has exceeded my expectations and I have and will continue to recommend it. I did subscribe to the premier service because I feel that the extra features are worth it to me. It's still a far cry from what I was paying my last VOIP provider, $8.30 vs $32 (with taxes and fees) /month. I am still locked into my land line with Verizon until my FIOS promotional contract expires later this year. I will then try to ditch the land line altogether if it doesn't impact my other bundled services. Otherwise, I will downgrade it to basic, metered service. Not having included international calling doesn't bother me as I have never made international calls. I know that customer service could be better but I can see that they are working on improving it as their customer base is expanding. With that said, my CS experience with them has still been better than what I experienced with Vonage. They were horrible.
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