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#98706 by GMOOMA
Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:05 am
Two issues made that prediction fail. Telco and voip companies raised their rates *VONAGE* and Ooma brought down the price of their hardware and this brought scale and more evenue to be viable. Even with the VOIP fees, and premier option, it's still just about the best service out there.

Vonage should have went out of business (and re-opened) after losing their patent dispute with Verizon, and they didn't so, they had to raise rates on customers. Vonage was the biggest beneficiary after Sunrocket went bust taking 75% of their customers at $10 - $15/month service, now it's $30 plus fees.. WTH?! More than a few have defected to magic jack and ooma for the savings. Many more are happy with Ooma than MJ... the perponderance of internet reviews doesn't lie..

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