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#88809 by GoldBeachBiker
Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:57 pm
jcarcopo wrote:
ajw522 wrote:For what its worth, when I call my Ooma-Telo-using friend using my Ooma Telo Handset, and he answers with his Panasonic phone, I'm the one begging HIM to switch the the Telo Handset so we can have HD voice. The quality really sucked with the Panasonic.

I agree the handsets are not great, they are slow, they have a bad screen, etc. But it provides access to the features that it intends to do, and, therefore, fulfills its purpose. Could Ooma make a better one? Most definitely. But is their handset right now able to be dealt with? Yes.

Just my $.02

What cordless phone do you know of has to be rebooted?
Doesn't ring all handsets simulataneously?
Locks up when attempting to answer calls?
Has incorrect/incomplete caller-id information
Handset hibernates and forgets to wake up when a call comes in?
Has such sucky battery life that an update was applied to create a standby hibernation mode that causes it not to ring in time and not register incoming caller id properly?
Uses old fashion battery packs that are more costly than available AA and AAA rechargable available for Panasonic?
Dim & hard to read lcd display?
Is slow and sluggish to key presses and has 1 second delay between key presses?

Here's a quarter, keep the change. :P

RU serious?! ...1 second delays between key presses? I was considering adding some Telo Handsets to my arsenal .... now not so much ...
#88824 by murphy
Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:40 am
There is a one second delay to the first key press as the handset wakes up from battery save mode.
Subsequent key presses are not delayed enough to be a problem if pressed at a normal dialing rate.

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