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#73002 by socialwealth
Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:28 pm
Please upgrade our Ooma VOIP service so that we may place calls using the internet through our PCs or Macs--not just through hard phones connected to a Teleo and/or Hub station.

A soft-phone downloadable app, thin or rich client--whatever--would be incredibly useful and add value to the franchise. Please control any urges to make it a separable business line and simply start by adding it as a feature to our standard and/or premium accounts.

Any added soft-phone option would be a definite improvement and SAVE US ALL from having to have/keep YET ANOTHER PHONE NUMBER and account by calling through Skype or other services (particularly helpful when we've no cell service and/or only able to access internet cafes and wireless hotspots when traveling).

What's the point of having an iPhone and Android app if all you're doing is keeping us stuck in and reinforcing the calling use of another company's cell phone minute plans?

Robert Hanna

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