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#5044 by dazed
Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:54 pm
Presently when voicemail is sent to an email address the subject line contains the calling phone number (if available) and the duration of the message. This is great, but the caller ID text (e.g., name of the person/company calling) should also be included in the email. For example, right now I might get an email with this subject:

New Voice Message from 5106021376 (42 sec)

It would be much nicer if I received:

Voice Message from: Sears Auto Cent (510) 602-1376 (42 sec)

Even better would be if on the "Customize phone numbers" screen I could associate a tag with each phone number. So, for example, I might tag my two lines "Home" and "Kids" and the email could then look like:

Home--Voice Message from: Sears Auto Cent (510) 602-1376 (42 sec)

I realize that this second suggestion would require changing database structure and the input screen on the Customize phone numbers page and is more work. But the main suggestion is simply to include information that Ooma already has, and, in fact, saves in the call log, and just including that in the email subject line--this should be a very simple programming change.

This is important because our old answering machine did include this information and my wife really wants this and, from a selling perspective, the email feature looks much more impressive--and you do want to sell premier subscriptions, don't you?

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